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Alan’s Football Autobiography

by Alan Beaman, a local sporting legend

April 6th 2020

The NHS have gone to war on Coronavirus.

If we consider what faces the whole workforce and the dangers they confront 24 hours a day, it’s nothing short of true bravery, often without the correct PPE they have shown enormous courage and dedication, no medal could ever repay them, but we must as a nation reward this human effort. I am sure you all have so many ideas on this, it would be great if you sent some into The Voice.

Sadly we lost a dear friend, Alan Smith, recently, after his courageous battle with Cancer.

I have known Alan all my life. He was a proud Tean Man, a superb Sportsman, an excellent motivator of people. Alan never sat on the fence about anything, he had his opinions and his beliefs and he stuck by them no matter what.

He was a go-to man because he would always help and take on the establishment no matter who they were. He loved Stoke City and we would go home and away on Lymers Fish Tail Coach, always with a card school on the rear seats.

Alan started Tean YC in Staffs Moorlands League, and we all travelled around holding our own with Biddulph Moor, Cellarhead, Bolton’s and many more. Alan was behind it all and we had a great time.

He was also a talented cricketer - he could destroy a bowler on his day, and a great fielder, he was lethal in the covers and I was behind the sticks, taking the bails off was the easy bit, he was the ultimate competitive sportsman, great to play with and against.

Playing for him at Rocester was one of the best experiences of my sporting career. Playing with Barry Hulton, Keith and Leon Hibberd, Peter Swanwick and many more under Alan was a privilege.

His Charity work was so important to him, and again Alan’s people skills would shine through with so many people willing to support him.

He had a lovely family around him and Donna’s support was his Rock through his Illness. The love and care they gave him was very special……

Alan’s funeral was completely changed by the Coronavirus situation, but hopefully in the future we can all celebrate his life altogether how he would have wanted. Alan was also proud of the NHS and the care they gave him, he would be supporting them wholeheartedly if he could.

Alan was a fighter from day one - his life was full of challenges - and he met them all with true courage.

God Bless You Alan R.I.P.

Let’s all keep safe, follow the rules and help each other get through this Pandemic. We are a nation of good people who will come through this. Premier League footballers need to quickly offer a reduction in wages, when other workers at the clubs are suffering wage cuts. To delay would be very damaging to the creditability of wealthy footballers who are already under close scrutiny…..