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Alan’s Football Autobiography

by Alan Beaman, a local sporting legend

September 10th 2020, Issue 100

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Europe became a disappointing place for our English clubs. Man City were the most frustrating of all the clubs, Now this might sound controversial but Guardiola was hired for one mission - to win the Champions League...

Other managers have won the League in the past but Sheikh Mansour wanted the Champions League and Guardiola hasn’t delivered - his decision to leave out both Silva’s, Marhez and Foden was the sign Guardiola went defensive at the the very moment he had to hold his nerve.

They give goals away because the quality isn’t there in defence, but they have players to create chances and score more than the opposition, but he bottled it at the crucial moment and for that reason Man City may need to look for another Manager, I am surprised he hasn’t already gone as the super rich Arabs usually act very quickly.

Guardiola has the fire power to win the trophies but the defence is their Achiles heel. Chelsea looked out of their depth at times, and Liverpool, Arsenal, Wolves and Man Utd all struggled to impress, so the question have we the strongest league in Europe - the results don’t back that up.

Barcelona have suffered a very embarrassing defeat, with players as good as Messi chucking the towel in, they face a rebuild, needing a new squad with so many old players to move out. The fans have been fed on the best players in the World being on show, that’s a difficult act to follow and Koeman’s challenge is massive.

Jimmy Anderson, one of England’s greatest fast bowlers, is still performing as he gets towards his late Thirties - his control and ability to move the ball both ways is superb to watch, and his physical condition has always been top notch.

Crawley batted with confidence and looked to have time to play all types of shots, let’s hope he can fill No 3 slot for years to come, Test cricket is always my favourite to watch.

Local football faces a tough challenge under the Covid rules, sport is very important for people’s enjoyment, football especially with Media’s coverage been at a very high standard, games on TV will help to get us through the Winter. Sport without fans is not the same but watching it live is vital for all sports .

Golf at the very top has so many top quality players as anyone who follows the Tours can see such talented individuals battling it out every week, Johnson, Mclroy, Rahm and so many others are giving great entertainment to so many fans like myself.

Nigel tells me this issue is the 100th edition of the Voice over thirteen years, that’s a great achievement. People enjoy the local information and banter it creates.

Construction is hoping Planning in the UK can finally move forward and help to turn the country around, commercial property is left empty and could now be converted into domestic property, planning is so slow and long winded when investment is available we have to grab the opportunity. Boris has promised to build our way out of recession, construction is the most important UK strategic move to give British business the impetus it requires to create jobs in industry involved in Construction.

I have enjoyed Building over 55 years and the reward of looking at the end product has always motivated me to carry on.

Lots of people never see the end product of their efforts - but for me, I can ride around and view them.