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My Monthly Musings

by Cecily Cowans of Cheadle

July 1st 2020

It has never taken me so long to think about what to write even though there has been plenty of opportunity to muse as I have walked my four legged best friend over the last months of these unprecedented times. These months have been so difficult for so many people. I know that some of you reading this have lost loved ones and others have had friends and family members admitted to hospital.

Many will have suffered from loneliness, financial worries, job uncertainties and a myriad of other issues that none of us could have anticipated in early March. As I write, phase 3 of Lockdown is being put in place on Saturday but Leicester’s Lockdown is being extended for a further two weeks. I hope and pray that everyone remains sensible so that we do not have to revert to Lockdown life.

If there is anything positive to take from these past weeks, it is how heartening it has been to witness the goodness of human nature. Customers have patiently queued to go into the supermarket or chemist. Neighbours have offered to do the shopping for those who are elderly or shielding. When walking our dog, more people than I have ever known before smiled at me or exchanged a greeting. And didn’t we all stand outside our homes, hearts bursting with pride and appreciation, to applaud our Keyworkers?

I shall always keep one memory of Spring 2020. The first Thursday that we all clapped, my two legged best friend and I stood outside to clap and bang a saucepan and down below us the sound of others, clapping and banging saucepans, drifted up to our home on the hill. And then came the sounds of people singing ‘We’ll meet again’. Unforgettable.

Keep well all.