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Windsor Park C.E. Middle School celebrating VE Day

By Davina Clowes of Windsor Park C.E. Middle School, Uttoxeter



Windsor Park C.E. Middle School, Uttoxeter, students have been working extremely hard from home during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Davina Clowes said: "We are so very proud of our pupils, but even more so given the current situation. I'd like to share some of their work with you that they have been doing at home.





Bags for the NHS



I set up a Windsor community sewing group which consisted of Mrs Cramp and her girls then I put out to a group of family and friends suggesting that we utilise our donation stock of materials. I made contact with Jo Rivers at Burton hospital and she suggested hospital scrub bags were in desperate shortage. As a Design Technology teacher I wanted to show that skills learnt in DT are vital in the workplace and indeed as a skill for problem solving and life, this was a superb example. We utilised stock from the department to make this happen.

Seven ladies and a couple of students (Mrs Cramp Amelia and Faith) got to work. We loaned sewing machines from the DT dept and got to work. Over 110 bags have been delivered, along with donation scrubs, mask ear protectors and identical hearts along with department PPE. The dedication of this group was touching. Up and down the country Design Technology depts have taken part in providing manufacturing solutions.

I take great pride in knowing our subject has been a driving force in doing our bit in this time of crisis. As part of the pyramid, Uttoxeter Learning Trust, I feel truly humbled at the amazing results achieved in our locality. A Huge thanks go to Mrs Cramp and family, Mrs Margaret Fountain, Mrs Joyce Edwards, Miss Julie Keen and Miss Sally-Anne Roe.