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Alan’s Football Autobiography

by Alan Beaman, a local sporting legend

June 30th 2021, Issue 104

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Our lives start to find some normality which lifts the human spirit...

Summer around the corner, warmer temperatures help to pick up everyone’s view to the future.

Football reaches the business end with titles, relegation and cups being contested. Champions League is the dream for Man City, PSV, Chelsea and Real Madrid, who will see their dream become a reality.

The big pressure is on City with Guardiola desperate to succeed. The wait must end for the investment which has been made available to him, the squad is full of top internationals and the bench is the strongest of their rivals by far. So how does Pep channel all that pressure into the ultimate reward. A massive challenge for him personally not to portray that pressure into the players. PSV have a unique attacking strength which will test City’s defensive capabilities to the limit.

The proposal of the six clubs to form a breakaway league has thrown football into a spin but common sense has prevailed and the 6 English clubs have now withdrawn from the European Super League. Greed was behind the efforts of the six to create a non-competitive league, so they can negotiate deals for themselves. Total disregard for the pyramid system which gives clubs the hope of progression. Supporters, players and other clubs have fought this challenge from the powerful greedy few. Power is for the mega wealthy, they will find ways to open doors just like Cameron the ex Prime Minister is doing, he is guilty of using his Power to gain opportunities to make money - it stinks but that goes on in this country right at the top. Investigation is resisted by the top brass because there’s so many at it,

Money can be made, contracts can be won, by the tactics of the corrupt few, they will do anything to make money, competition is taken away by these people to gain for themselves. This Super League was all about the above comments, we have stopped it happening and resisted the greedy big boy owners who don’t care about our wonderful pyramid system and grass roots football. We will always fight them all the way. The Cartel attitude we saw from the involved Owners is capable of destroying supporters backing, and then there is no future for football, but FIFA need to clean their act up - they have been guilty of their own closed shop. Infantino speaks strongly against it all, FIFA rules football and they must sort themselves out for confidence to be in them also for the future.

The game can’t afford the way it runs, players are overpaid, money is spent on transfers that clubs can’t afford, it’s time to face reality - this an opportunity to overhaul the game and it’s ownership of foreign greedy business men who have no real roots to our game...