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My Monthly Musings

by Cecily Cowans of Cheadle


February 3rd 2021, Issue 103

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A belated welcome to 2021. At the moment, things aren’t greatly different to how last year ended. If you recall, my four-legged best friend displayed one of his many talents by summing up his thoughts on 2020. As much as I love our dog, if it is grey and gloomy outside our cosy home on the hill, I am not inclined to walk down our incline in order to access the pavements and paths of Cheadle. However, once the effort is made and we are out and about, the spirits of both human and canine lift immediately.

One of our favourite walks is along the disused railway line and one of my favourite moments is when Dylan races ahead, then stops, turns around and lifts his head to look at me. I am not exactly sure what is going through this cocker spaniel’s mind. I like to think that he is checking up on me. Maybe he is urging me to hurry up. Or maybe he is thinking ‘Let’s go back now! It’s very grey and gloomy and why did we leave our warm home?’

We are being urged to stay at home unless we go out to take our daily exercise. Some of you reading this will be shielding or do not have sufficient mobility to go for a walk. Simply going into your garden or even opening a window will have positive benefits when you are able to feel the sun or a breeze on your face and to hear birdsong.

Another positive benefit for those who are able to do so is to reach out to someone else. Picking up the phone and saying: ‘I’m just ringing to ask how you are in these difficult times’ is a great ice breaker if you haven’t spoken to a relative or a friend in a while. If you are able to go to the supermarket you could ask a neighbour if they need anything.

Buying a litre of milk or indeed a litre of sherry will make you feel as happy as the recipient as he or she sips from the cup or the glass. Keep well all!