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Gracie is looking for a new home




Gracie is a very pretty, tiny, rough haired Jack Russell Cross and is only 3 - 4 years old. She is currently living with her sister and another older Jack Russell but despite being with them since she was a puppy Gracie has decided that she doesn’t really want to live with them any more so Cheadle Animal Welfare Society has been asked to try to find her a new home.

Her new home needs to one which is out in the country. Gracie will not be happy living in a town or in a busy street. She needs to find a quiet home with people who will be gentle with her and help her overcome her anxieties. She is a really affectionate little dog who loves to play especially with her favourite toy ‘Badger’ who will obviously be accompanying her to her new home. Gracie is a clever girl and learns new things quickly. She adores being able to run around in the garden and really enjoys country walks. In the evenings she will enjoy sitting with her new owner and maybe watch a bit of TV.

Gracie is so adorable, but needs to find the right home where she will be happy and it must have a safe garden so that she can do lots of running around.

If you would like more information or think you could offer Gracie her perfect forever home please ring 07731 616 025.



Introducing Sweet Pea



It was a sunny afternoon when a shadow appeared on the side door of Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital, Meir Park. This shadow wasn’t a human, so investigation was necessary. Outside was a skinny looking black and white cat who looked terrified. Trying not to scare the cat, one of the nurses tried to get it to come closer by enticing it with food - the poor thing was ravenous and soon approached to wolf down the food. On closer inspection, it wasn’t only skinny and starving but its fur was also very thin and dirty.

The next thing to do was to get the cat into the surgery. No problem. By shaking the food bowl the cat walked towards the doorway and literally followed the nurse and just walked into the consulting room. It was thought to be an older cat as its teeth were not in a very good state.

The cat was called Sweet Pea by the nurses and a post was put on Facebook, but no-one recognised her. Sweet Pea was cared for at Lime Trees Veterinary hospital for a further 7 days waiting for someone to come forward to claim her, but no one did. The staff at the hospital wanted to help this little lady so they checked her over, did a blood test to ensure her thyroid gland wasn’t causing problems and gave her a dental to make her more comfortable. Thankfully her blood test revealed no problems, but she was clearly very malnourished.

Sweet Pea has now been at the hospital for over 3 weeks and has stolen the hearts of the vets, nurses and receptionists. She is so affectionate and loving and seems so grateful that they have looked after her.

Sweet Pea is now being cared for by Cheadle Animal Welfare Society and is looking for her forever home. Anyone interested in adopting Sweet Pea should ring 01335 390369 to register an interest.

Anyone wishing to send a donation to help us care for all the dogs and cats in our care can do so via Paypal, or by sending a cheque to the address given on our website – www.cheadleanimalwelfare.org.uk or via Give as You Live donate.giveasyoulive.com/fundraising/difficult-times

You can also contact us on 01335 390369 or 01889 564045








Cheadle & District Animal Welfare Society

Registered Charity 1039350

If your luck's in...

In June 2015 two stray dogs were brought to the kennels. One had been found in Leek the other in Biddulph. Both were young Staffies. Both were tan in colour. Both were nice natured dogs, but didn’t like other dogs. In September 2016 the one who had been called Gwen was adopted. The other is Paige and she is still with us. Now how can that be? Why has life been so unfair to Paige?

Here’s what Gwen’s new owners told me recently:

Gwen has made so much progress since we got her home, the first few weeks she was scared of everything and didn’t even know how to play with a ball, but by the 4th week she was in a good routine and is fully house-trained.

Now she is the most loving loyal girlie, who loves her walks, cuddles and will do anything for a treat! We have amazing dog walkers who walk her twice a day, so in total she has 4 walks a day in the countryside and she probably covers 6 miles a day - weekends we do big walks with her.·

She loves going caravanning with us and gets very excited when we load the van.

The only issue we have is she can be reactive to other dogs - but we have our way to ensure she’s ok. It’s just stupid dog owners letting their dog(s) run up to a dog on the lead.

We are truly grateful that you rescued her and she is one loved doggie and I’m sure if she could talk she would thank you for your hard work. Xx

What I can’t understand is why Paige has still not found a home. Her behaviour is exactly like Gwen’s. She loves to play with a ball. Loves to run around in the garden. Loves to sit on the settee and have cuddles. Loves to go for country walks. Yes she too is reactive with other dogs, but is that such a big problem? If you know about it, you deal with it, as Gwen’s owners do. Paige would love to find her forever home and we would like nothing better than to see her settled just like Gwen. If you can offer Paige a home please ring 07531 232 542

Anyone wishing to send a donation to help us care for all the dogs and cats in our care can do so via Paypal, or by sending a cheque to the address given on our website – www.cheadleanimalwelfare.org.uk or via Give as You Live donate.giveasyoulive.com/fundraising/difficult-times

You can also contact us on 01335 390369 or 01889 564045






Cheadle & District Animal Welfare Society

Registered Charity 1039350

Difficult times

Life is currently very difficult for all of us with the spectre of Covid 19 forever present. It is because of this situation that we have felt it necessary to stop rehoming any of our dogs and cats until the pandemic is over but this will cause a big strain on our funds as we will have a great deal more money being spent than is coming in. As of the end of March 2020 we have in our care 5 dogs and 36 cats which is a lot of mouths to feed every day for goodness knows how many weeks. We appreciate that everyone is under a great deal of strain in these uncertain times but if anyone is able to make a donation to help us care for the dogs and cats currently in our care it would be greatly appreciated. You can do so via Give as You Live https://donate.giveasyoulive.com/fundraising/difficult-times. Donations of food would also be very welcome, particularly cat food – tins or sachets of wet food and packets of biscuits – these can be placed in the ‘Food Kennel’ at the entrance to Morrisons Supermarket in Cheadle, at Cross Street Pet Stores, Cheadle or in Pets at Home, Uttoxeter. If you are buying items online please register with Easyfundraising and/or Give as you Live and choose Cheadle Animal Welfare Society as your chosen charity. Each time you make a purchase we will then benefit at no extra cost to yourself. This is a very good way to make a contribution without it costing you anything.

Easyfundraising - www.easyfundraising.org.uk

Give as you Live - www.giveasyoulive.com

How ever you feel able to help you can be assured that it will be to the benefit of all our Waifs and Strays. Thank you so much for any support you are able to give.

The catteries who care for our cats are now full and Lime Trees Veterinary Clinic, along with other veterinary practices, is, at the time of writing this article, only able to treat emergencies which means that we are no longer able to help get cats neutered and that in itself is a worry as we are now into ‘kitten season’ where unneutered cats will be producing litters of kittens, many of whom will be unwanted. I would urge anyone who has an unneutered female cat, in particular, or an unneutered Tom cat to try to keep them indoors to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I dread to think what will happen if cats are allowed to breed indiscriminately, producing several litters of kittens before the coronavirus pandemic is over. Please act responsibly and stay safe.

If you need to contact us you can do so on 01335 390369 or 01889 564045