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After 16 years we still retain our extremely competitive advert prices – and each advert doesn’t have to be paid for up front but within 21 days of printing which is another very important aspect for our advertisers.

Our impressive array of colourful columnists are very popular with readers, from recipes, gardening, farming, fashion, veterinary advice to wonderful articles on the past and present, they all have their own following. And, of course, The Voice has a superb Sports Section which is extremely popular, including more columnists and those who select Hall of Fame football and cricket teams from around our area.

The colourful quality features are also a big hit – including the hugely popular Just The Perfect Day Wedding Features which are exclusively for local couples and families, our fantastic Good Old Days feature which incorporates photos from the past, Ladies Day and Ladies Night at Uttoxeter Racecourse, and events from throughout our distribution area.

Our new website now provides advertisers with even more exposure to attracting new customers without further expense, yet again another winning point in our endeavours to make The Voice THE publication to bring success to your business.

Get in touch to book your advertising now by emailing uttoxetervoice@hotmail.co.uk, or telephoning Nigel on 01538 751629.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how competitive our advert rates are and you can also take advantage of our hugely popular SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES for block advert bookings!

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